What is Planner Boot Camp?

Planner Boot Camp is what a former Personal Trainer and Fitness Instructor comes up with when she’s tired of teaching Pilates, Powerlifting and Plyometrics and decides to focus  her energy on torturing Planner People instead.

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What is Planner Boot Camp?

The Unanticipated Journey and Roots of Planner Boot Camp

 Do I need to buy a special Planner or Notebook to participate in PBC ? 

No. Our focus is on our thoughts, habits and choices with regard to planning, journaling and intentional living.  I challenge you to use whatever you already have on hand. You can use a designated notebook or create a section in your current planner.

What are the prerequisites to participating in PBC?

There are no prerequisites for PBC. Whether you are new to planners, planning or  journaling or whether you are a hard core Planner Tramp, you will enjoy putting yourself through the rigors of PBC.

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Are You Ready for Planner Boot Camp?

How do I get the latest information regarding PBC, enrollment and follow up Sessions?

Enthusiastically, Dawn and all related Social Media will offer announcements, enrollment opportunities and updates.

We also have a Facebook Page for support, sharing and discussion of PBC and PBC Reboot.

Planner Boot camp curriculum/ material is only offered by direct e-mail through enrollment. All material copyright is held by Enthusiastically, Dawn/Dawn Paoletta.

How much does PBC cost?

There is an enrollment fee for participation in this round of PBC and an opportunity for you to help another Bootcamper…because Planner Tramps don’t leave fellow Planner Tramps behind! The 5.00 Fee is your enrollment to access all material, helps, and support for the 4 week session. It also will allow access to a unique Giveaway (for graduates of this 3rd Official PBC). If you would like to pay it forward and make a 5.00 donation towards helping a fellow Planner Tramp unable to pay at this time, just pay 10.00 (You Plus One) and we will make sure that no Planner Tramp gets left behind! Please note: enrollment fee is non-refundable.

How do I sign up?

There are only two ways to sign up for PBC. Early Enrollment and  Open Enrollment. Early Enrollment is offered to all former participants who remain on the mailing list. Open Enrollment  is available @Enthusiastically, Dawn and through the enrollment link (shareable) during the specified dates.

How does one go about receiving a compensated enrollment if they are not able to pay?

Although the enrollment fee is minimal and denotes a level of commitment, those willing to participate but unable to pay at this time will not be left behind. Please E-Mail me at plannerbootcamp@gmail.com with a brief explanation of need for approval. Enrollment fee will be compensated in order as availability and request are matched. Thank you to those who have already donated!

What can I expect if I sign up for PBC?

Weekly Themed lessons delivered to your inbox. Adaptable challenges to address specific choices and behaviors with opportunities for accountability. Although PBC requires sacrifices,  the challenges also offer flexibility to work within your unique perimeters.

 PBC general structure is as follows: 

Week 1: Planning and Journaling our Visions and Victories (PBC Prep Work)

Week 2: Track and Explore

Week 3: Building Momentum and Staying Focused

Week 4: Consistency and Continuity

Conclusion: Graduation Commencement and Certificate

More Questions? Shoot me an e-mail at plannerbootcamp@gmail.com



Planner Boot Camp is an offering of the heart. Everything is personal. Everything matters. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask. Thank you to all who have been walking with me in the development of this labor of love and joy! You is my peoples! 







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