Please join us for Random Journal Day 
here at Beneath The Surface: Breath of Faith
(Scroll down to see past Link-Ups)

Your Hostesses: Susie (Recovering Church Lady) and Dawn (that’s me)

Random Journal Day is now the First Friday of the month!
The next RJD date is:

February 7, 2014

*Scroll down to see past RJD links! 

If you have a any questions contact us (Dawn and Susie) through e-mail:

Rules, Schmules…but here they are : 

1. Dig out one of your old journals, or a recent journal. 
Choose an entry, or a portion of an entry 

that you feel bold enough or at least comfortable to share. 
We prefer if you could include a picture of your journal if possible!

2. Write up your blog post, publish and link up here.
Link up the blog post you are sharing, NOT your general Blog address- 
so we can visit your entry. 
We don’t have a Badge for this Blog Hop yet, 
but if you just link back to this in your post that will work.  
(Random Journal Day Link Up) 
*You can use Susie’s RDJ Photo (above) if you like!

3. Kindly visit and comment on the
 person before you in the link up.
You can visit more but we understand that everyone is busy.
 Please visit at least one other Random Journal Day Link Up

 as that just would make it nice for all.

We look forward to peeking in your journals!

* This is a link for Journals of all kinds.

However, in all fairness to those who are creating posts, 

this is not a link-up for general blog posts.  

There are plenty of places to link up those in the Blogosphere. 

 Merriam-Webster states that the definition of a journal is: 
a record of experiences, ideas, or reflections kept regularly for private use.

This community is a place for private journal writers to share their hearts and thoughts, bravely and safely, as they feel comfortable in doing so, by choice. The entries probably were not originally intended to be shared, nor were they written for that specific purpose. 
Creative journals and art journals are welcome as well! Writers and Artists can inspire one another onto greater creativity and inspiration! 

Use your own discretion as you move about our community, enjoy the fellowship of a trusted community! 

The writing I share for Random Journal Day was not written for an “audience” however – I believe that as we share our personal reflections and thoughts (as we are led) – we open our hearts to authentically connecting with others who will be encouraged, inspired or challenged in some way.
Please use wisdom and discernment as you share,

but know that your heart is welcome here…

Past Random Day Journal Links List:

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Some Other Wonderful Journal Linkups!

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