The Journal Keeper’s Journey Series


The Journal Keeper’s Journey: Journaling as a Lifestyle


*all posts in series in order as published

  1. Journaling as a Journey (Upcoming Series) Announcement

2. Read, Pray, Write: On Living a Journaling Lifestyle (Intro)

3. The Journal Keeper’s Journey: Journaling as a Lifestyle (Series)

4. Overcoming the Top Two Fears of Every Journal Keeper (and Writer)

5. Today I am Grateful

6. A Journal is…

7. Why Do You Write?

8. Ask, Seek, Knock: Seeking God With Pen and Paper

9. Journaling Prompts for the Birds

10. Considerations for Choosing Your Next Journal

11. Seated in the Heavenlies

12. How The Bullet Journal Method is Changing the Way I Journal and Plan My Days

Upcoming Post Content:

Bullet Journal, Progoff’s Intensive Journal Method, Christina Baldwin, Kathleen Adams and The Center for Journal Therapy, James Pennebaker’s Research, Journaling Book Suggestions, Junk Journals, Traveler’s Notebooks, Journaling for Creativity, Healing and Well- Being.

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