All Posts for Journaling Your Journey [with Jesus]


This page will make it easy for you to read through, catch up, or join it at any time with journaling your own journey with Jesus!

What is Journaling Your Journey with Jesus ?

How do I know if this is right for me?

What are the benefits of joining in and what do I need?

The answers to the above questions are found on The Main Page right Here! 

All of the posts for the journey are linked below (as they are published): 

1. Your Journaling Journey with Jesus begins May 4th (FLASH Giveaway)

2. Consecrating Your Journal for the Journey

3.  The Journey Begins

4. Seeking the Lord with Paper and Pen

5.Reading Romans in Reverse and Redirection rom God

 6. How NOT to Hear God

7. The Fullness of God

8. The Aroma of God’s Love 

9.  The Only Place to be Found is In Christ

10.  Checklist for Christians

11. . Essentials for Living Well

12.  Right Vs. Rights (1 & 2 Timothy) 

13. Journaling through the Book of James 




The Journey continues: 

Journaling MY Journey [with Jesus]: A Never-ending Story

Journaling Your Journey [with Jesus] all Summer

10 Comments (+add yours?)

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  2. Barbara
    May 11, 2015 @ 19:19:26

    Thanks for organizing it all for us, Dawn! I am behind – again! But that’s because I haven’t slowed down to do todays! But, I have published two posts and done my 3 Gifts for May 11th!!

    I’ll be baaacccckkk….later!!



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