I’m not sure when I started the journey, I can only tell you that my love affair with words came early. I often wonder about this inner voyage which begs to be recorded, pen in hand to paper.

The outpouring of a life lived in words comes only when we take the time to find solitary places where our soul can wander and wonder. Scribbling ruminations and  imaginations, driven by this one desire to make sense of it all…to find meaning in the madness, and to capture moments that are ever slipping away into history is what we who journal do.

Maybe it’s who we are.

Are you a journal keeper? 

Whether you are a fellow traveler on the road or one who has always wanted to be, I invite you to discover the secret world of the Journal Keeper- and discover it’s really not so secret after all.

There’s something for everyone on the journey…won’t you come along?

Check these out for prompts and possibilities:

Journaling Your Journey [with Jesus]

The 12 Days of Christmas : Journaling Prompts for the Season

20 New Year Journaling Prompts 


*If you would like me to lead a Journaling Workshop in your community or for your church, business or small group (I enjoy working with all ages)


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5 thoughts on “Journaling

  1. I love this idea and I plan to participate! I’m currently in the process of rebuilding my blog page, is it ok if I make this a tab so I can remember the prompts easier..of course I will make sure I credit you for this! This has been a great help for my writing and healing:)

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    1. Would love to see what you come up with and also would be blessed to have you share your portion, when you are ready. Look forward to sahring the journey with you and hearing all the Lord has done along the way through your own journal journey. Thanks for letting me know. 😉

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