Blood of Every Nation

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Dear friends, I am sharing a short poem I have written this morning, also a link to a Ukrainian support effort with feet on the ground on the borders active in serving on the front lines.

Blood of the Nations

Do not say, this is not our fight
Do not say, this is not our war
For this battle is the blood of every nation

a travesty, you say-or is it an
invitation to stop the slanderous
mouth from speaking

and instead to slay with
weeping words of prayer
and silence

for what will surely
our future

Do not say, this is not our war
for all of us are bleeding
lying in trenches, buried in lies.


Thank you for taking the time to read.

I would like to share the following link to Teach Beyond’s Ukraine Relief Fund, if you feel led to give: Click to go to Ukraine Relief /TeachBeyond website

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