Meditation of the Redeemed

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My heart is full…
Lord, I sense your grace.
Despite my sin
I know my place.

Remaining still, as sure as the sky-
for on that day You chose to die.
Not random or planned by the hands
of sinful man; but only by God’s
master plan was sin undone
throughout the land.

His blood poured out, as was foretold-
Bulls and goats for sin were sold,
Sacrificed for mercy’s sake,
to put an end to Satan’s wake.

And though the times grow dark, indeed,
He is alive- coming for those he has freed,
to reign and ride in victory!
Oh, Lamb of God, Your Glory be.

Thank you for reading, liking and sharing this poem. I wrote it in 2015 when my One Word for the year was Redeemed. I wish you a Happy Easter, and the peace of God during this time. This will be my last post for the Lent season. I pray these posts have been helpful to encourage you in your spiritual journey and your intimacy with the Lord.

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  1. This is so wonderful–thanks for visiting my blog so I’d know to hop over here and have a look. Blessings to you during Holy Week, and always ❤


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