Remember the Birds

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Hello soul.

You are welcome here…welcome, to be still and quiet, welcome to tune in or tune out…whichever you need to do. It’s Wednesday and I am sharing a new poem, as we still are in this season of Lent…and maybe a season of unprecedented distraction against God’s beautiful presence, power and provision. If you have been facing some serious challenges to your peace of mind, I am sure you know you are not alone…but, maybe this poem will help you remember well, the one who is passionate about the ones He calls His own.

Here’s a little background music to calm your heart, and usher you into a quiet place for reflection, prayer and journaling. I enjoy this channel and was listening to this particular selection today. May it bless you.

Remember the Birds

He has said, “Fear not…”
and here it is March, as we wait and watch
for signs of Spring, or anything other than
the elephant that has flown in from
a far away country, carrying with it
fear, death and unholy power
giving us cause to pause…

We can’t remember who we are so full
we are with our own desires,
we refuse to submit, to our own detriment,
consumed by our blindness, we conspire
yet live by the law of the land, as required

the birds arrive singing, do they fret?
Do they worry for provisions at the feeder?
Or carry on, remembering they are birds
and God never fails to remember them.

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