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A simple poem for the second Sunday of Lent. As you read the words, may they encourage you to seek the Lord, in His sanctuary. Listen for His heartbeat in you and bow to His beauty and holiness.

Highlight the words that speak to your heart and write your own song to the Lord, today.


In the quietness
of the sanctuary,
I can feel your presence

hear your heart-
the percussion,
beating life

the music that is my soul,
the mystery that is You,
and I bow

before your holiness,
your awesomeness
that is truly awe inspiring

and I bow,
before your beauty
become one with your symphony

am awed as I
become part of your song-
a song for all eternity.


This is part of the Lent 2020 Series. A journey to the Cross with Jesus as He leads. Thank you for joining me here. Each Wednesday and Sunday during the season of Lent through Easter I will be posting poetry or prose.

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