The Victory of Three (2020)

How is your journey going into this season of Lent? What have you learned about yourself, your God, your weaknesses, your God’s faithfulness? Have you found it a struggle or is too soon to tell? Are you finding moments of beauty, are you seeing the Lord’s beauty better? Or are you feeling weary, lean, stretched?

God seems to be leading me down a road my mom used to call Memory Lane. He seems to want to awaken me to the journey he initiated, the things he has shown me in private, and the many lessons learned in public. He keeps bringing to my mind pieces of my redemption story and intimate moments with Him. The Lord has also been reminding me of the many joys and blessings one only sees clearly in hindsight- I guess it’s like a gift for the aging to soften the reality of stiffness joints and sagging skin? Perhaps I digress.

It’s no surprise my One Word for 2020 is Remember. God seems to want to remind me of who I am in Him, who He sees me as, apart from the stuff I believe has hindered me. Honestly, I hadn’t realized I had forgotten. But apparently, like my fellow travelers on the path, I’m prone to forgetting.

The Victory of Three is another one of my previously published poems, refreshed for 2020. As God leads I will get the best of the poems he’s given me together in a collection. This has been the work I have been meaning to get to. Lent is leading me closer to this than ever before this year. I am thankful to the Lord for this and for the discipline He has resurrected in my life recently! I pray this poem is a blessing to you.

The Victory of Three

By three the tempter came to Christ, by three he made his pleas
Twisted and distorted each one of God’s Decrees
He started with the natural, hunger from within
But Jesus had the Last word, saw through the King of Sin…
Next, he brought The Son to a higher place
looked into the eyes of God, beheld the Saviors face
with no desire for things above,
blasphemed the Son of God
traded away his birthright, God’s abiding love
all for his own brief glory
of which he could never get enough.
Higher still the deceiver took him, Jesus refused to bow
though kingdoms were offered instead of thorny crown, for His brow.
The Living Word of God, Eternal Mighty Sword
Cast out the evil one by a three-strand cord,
God, the Father, Son and Spirit -Triune, Holy Lord.
Then the devil left him, and the angels came
ministering to the one born, with His Holy Name
At the name of Jesus every knee shall bow
May every tongue confess Him- let us start, right now.

You can see the original piece here:

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