Template for a New Year

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I am wishing my readers, friends, and followers here on Enthusiastically, Dawn a Happy New Year. I hope you enjoy my first poetic offering for 2020: Template for a New Year.

May you find all you need in the One who is able to satisfy every need you have this year and always. Amen.

You first.

Your Word.

Your Creation.


Your discipline in me.

Your compassion in me.

Your love for others in me.


Your joy, laughter and sincerity

Your goodness, mercy and generosity

Your wisdom, holiness and heart to bless.


Let everything I do

reflect you, Lord-

Let Jesus be the template for my soul.


Your creativity through me.

Your kindness through me.

Your grace through me.

Your faithfulness through me.

Your gentleness through me.


Jesus, you are

my hope, my redemption,

my cure, and my power,

my reason for living-

my Light in dark hour.


Spirit, you will always remain,

faithful to Your name-

through you my life becomes a holy flame,

in You I am forever changed.


Let everything I am

reflect you, Lord-

Let Jesus be the template for my soul.



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Dawn Paoletta is a life enthusiast who loves to juggle words, chug coffee, and journal excessively. You can find her gathering stones on the beach most mornings. She enjoys hanging out with her hubby, daughter and family pets in Narragansett, RI and shares her passion, poetry and prose @Enthusiastically, Dawn.

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  1. Dawn: This is a beautiful poem. It says everything a committed Christian would feel. Happy New Year to you and yours. Peace and blessings.


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