Dear Professing Christian…

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A morning poetic offering as it came this morning. May God be able to speak into the hard places of our hearts that our wills be conformed to His.


Dear Professing Christian,

Fellow Human Being claiming to be a Christian,

doing your deeds before God alone

speaking only words of edification and love,

to the living, dying and yet to live…

could this be you?

Who never says a word apart from the love of Christ

who never speaks a word against his neighbor,

nor slanders the name of those whom God in His sovereign will

has placed in leadership…

could this be you?

Who believes they are part of a Holy Nation,

a Kingdom of Priests of Love, born to serve-

pure, chosen, righteous

who never looks with harsh eyes towards another

though they are different in skin color, culture, or belief-

who never shows favoritism towards those regarded well

by worldly standards

who is always fair, accepting injustice even when undeserved

Could this be you?

Who is consistently kind, regarding others as the possibility of God

wrapped in flesh, before your eyes

the one holding out a hand, asking for a cup of water

asking for help, a beggar, with needs unseen,

yet you- calling yourself His-

look down, see nothing, accept blindness, false safety

and darkness -walk by your

fellow believers bleeding ,

whisper among yourselves of truth meant to be lived

through daily sacrifice, the painful offering

of will – the only acceptable offering to the one who gave His

to secure the freedom you cherish or slander…

your freedom for His sacrifice.

Could this be you?

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