Hello Spring, Are You There?

red flower bouquet on brown leather boots during snow weather
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I’m not sure of the weather where you are situated at this moment, but rumor has it, Spring is right around the corner. Since this may appear doubtful…depending on where you ARE situated, I thought I’d share some poetic inspiration about the most elusive season…

Choose one from the list below – whichever speaks to you. I’ve added a brief description to help you choose. No pressure to read them all- just whatever speaks to your whimsy!

March Whispers Green  is a poem for those yearning for Spring…

Days of March   is a spontaneous short poem from my journal – with a peek into the process, as I adjust it based on input from fellow writers and poets @dVerse Poets Pub .

Spring’s Repose  is a short poem inspired during a drive in Exeter, RI. The photo which  appears with the poem is my own from that afternoon drive.

Spring’s Desire – is a poem I plan on revising (2019) for this NEW season of renewal and hope. Stay tuned! You’ll see it here!

Spring Allies another poem inspired by nature as I walked at Blackpoint Trail in Narragansett, RI and spied a Blackbird who lingered with me awhile.

I Will… (My To Do List for Spring) – An affirming and beautifully unambitious list with encouragement to make your own.

I hope you enjoy these Spring reflections. Ironically for someone who claims to love Winter I seem to write a lot about Spring! It’s the promise of renewal and hope that makes my heart sing, I suppose!

If you haven’t already grabbed my book Journaling for Discovery and Delight – what are you waiting for?

Are you looking forward to Spring?




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  1. Love your little spring poems…I think I like the list best of all…Some happy thoughts and goals…I am trying to get my own spring list compiled, and it is challenging just making the list. But I must get started on my decluttering and downsizing if we are ever to sell this house. So one thing at a time. I gave away two cups today to my cousin who was visiting from Ohio. That’s a start!!


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