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Well, today is Valentine’s Day and yesterday morning I wrote the poem I am  sharing today. Words have been coming less often lately, but I am grateful when God inspires words from within. One of the songs going through my mind this week has been “Good, Good Father”. We sang it for worship at church Sunday. You know, it’s a funny thing about how God weaves together our faith lives in time…how important it is for us to gather our imperfect selves together and sing, pray and hope in the One who is Love. How He holds us together through the joys and sorrows we will know in our brief lives…and how he counts our tears as precious…He never turns away.  No matter how many injustices we suffer, may we remember He’s a Good Good Father ….always.


I pray this poem is a blessing to you today!




We  can search for something all our lives

but will we recognize when it appears?


I live in this brief episode, a mist,

the sum of all my fears

but you, Lord, see it all- a continuum of infinity

beyond the limit of earthly years.


 None will be here for all of history,

regardless of their place, not one will see

from beginning to end – the fate of our human race.


No matter how wealthy, wise or grand

none can completely understand

all that the One Creator has planned.


But if there is only one thing I comprehend-

something to be grasped, let it be what matters most,

the only thing that lasts.


If all to be known could be known,

to a small and finite mind as my own-

I’d trade every bit of knowledge-

and ask to know one thing alone…


to know your Love and live in it-and grasp

that you are a God who lives and breathes,

 not a deity far from me

that Jesus came close and still does

 with your love for all humanity.


Your Spirit searches my innermost being,

shakes me to the core with your grace

rattles me awake in this deadened world

revives hope and unity in a broken, barren place.


And though trouble finds me as surely as sparks fly up,

Just as surely, I am loved

with an everlasting love that always overcomes.


Love that demolishes every argument

rooted in earth below,

Love that sets its heart on things above

not by what it knows

Love that comes to us and walks with us

with a faith that lives and grows


This is the Love I long to know,

the only love that can complete

the pieces of me that have fallen away

and lay at my Savior’s feet

to live and move and have my being in

the one who’s holding me-

for this is the Love that stands firm-

unchanging eternally.



Thank you for reading.

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