Your Destiny Is Not In Things



This Sunday there was a message our Pastor taught on the scripture passage from Luke (12:13-21) and it was absolutely a needed one for me… It is something God has been trying to work into my soul for awhile now. It’s a passage that is so easy to see and say- oh, that’s not me. Or, this YUCK in me is no big deal, or I’m not as bad as ______________________ (add your own prideful nonsense). But the truth is I have known the ugly truth about myself for awhile. I know that there’s still a lot more yuck in me than meets the eye, and I am grateful that God (and some people) see beyond it- BUT I am also grateful for a God who says, “ENOUGH! You need to rely on me more with this YUCK in you if you want to move on”.  I really want to say with confidence, I get this…I know this and I do…but the working out in these deeply profound truths in our lives is…well, it’s freakin’ painful and hard! Therefore by His grace I go…with that old limp as a reminder…

This poem was (partially)  inspired by the message shared yesterday (August 26th) –  since I am responsible for adding it to our church website- I can tell you it won’t be up until Tuesday. BUT, if you are interested in the message that inspired these words this morning, you can come back and check THIS LINK or check the FBCN website later in the week and listen to it yourself.  It will be the message from August 26th and should be right on top.



Your Destiny Is Not In Things


You don’t need one more thing.

You don’t need to sign up.

You don’t need the free “extras”.

You don’t need one more anything.

You don’t need more than what you have right now.


What you need is to affirm who you are.

What you need is to assess what you already possess.

What you need is to access what you already have.

What you need is to appreciate all you have ascertained

and to what you now aspire.


You were not meant to be buried

in the beautiful possessions

that possess you.


You were not born to cling to things,

but to live, love, die and live again.

You were born to be reliant on unseen wings.




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