God’s Will in Six Stanzas


“To choose suffering makes no sense at all; to choose God’s will in the midst of our suffering makes all the sense in the world.” – Oswald Chambers


A few thoughts from my morning meditations…

There is a trend toward believing life with God is easy, and I would argue it is…and yet, easy is a relative term- we need context. If something is easy, it needs to be clearly shown- easy like …a walk in the park? Easy, like Sunday morning…like running water in the faucet. Easy like, gunshots NOT outside your door, like peace, like safety? By definition easy means without difficulty, painless. I do not find life with God to be “easy”. But synonyms for easy are serene, peaceful, and tranquil. I have found that life with God may not be “easy”, but the peace – the easiness in my soul because of the One who resides there brings stability in an unstable world that continuously offers a variety of reasons to feel shaky…and uneasy.

May I present to you God’s Will in Six Stanzas- yes, 6. For the obvious reason. I pray you know this One who brings easiness, peace and safety to the soul.


Life with God is hard

but life without God is hell-

and what is hell, but a godless eternity?


Therefore, I do not return evil

for evil, but hold out my hand-

my open hand and


open my arms, continuously,

arms wide- to the undeserving,

meanspirited and unkind


Even as the One I live through,

who lives in me- has not returned

to me, evil for evil,


but holds out his hands,

His nail scarred hands, in response

to my openly rebellious and wayward heart


as He has stretched His arms

wide, as open and wide as the skies,

by love for me crucified.


“The basic purpose of prayer is not to bend God’s will to mine, but to mold my will into His.” – Timothy Keller

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4 thoughts on “God’s Will in Six Stanzas

  1. Beautiful, Dawn! And so accurate. Believers aren’t guaranteed an easy life. Look at Paul’s life just for one example, but oh….the peace he had in all his trials, tribulations and persecutions!

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  2. Beautiful! Thank you for sharing. I’m sharing with a group of young ladies this week on God’s sovereignty and providence. May I share this, in its entirety, with them please?


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