Seeing Beyond




It’s been awhile since I shared a poem from my morning meditation. So today I am sharing this very short “glint of light on broken glass” …which has little to no imagery at all, actually. But this is what came to me. Freely I received and freely I do give.


May this very short poem speak to your heart in the season you are in- in your personal history as it is being made- today. I’ve included a journaling prompt for my journaling friends.


Seeing Beyond


Today is not mine

to squander or keep

but to give away


in tiny, unseen actions

which together create

a glimmering garment


of glory, gift of praise,

place of my own in

His story.


A Journal Prompt for your day: What small, seemingly insignificant activities are taking up your time and how might you frame them in light of eternity? What can you compare the season of your life to that reflects a positive light instead of negative? How can you give yourself grace so that you are able to let grace flow freely through you to others, today?


Write about the season you are in- what dominates and defines it? How can you adjust your perspective to allow more grace for yourself or others? What hope are you holding on to? What do you need now to help you walk through this season of life with no regrets?


Write  an Ode to or a poem about Time.


You can find prompts like this in my book Journaling for Discovery and Delight.



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