Reason or Denial


I haven’t shared a poem on the blog for a while…but since this is National Poetry Month and I did write a bit this morning, I’ll share one of the three poems I wrote.

I have been pulling lines from various places as poetry seeds lately. This morning I pulled the first line from a news article online that prompted this piece.


Here it is…



Reason or Denial

He said, “…because there are no right or wrong answers
at the moment.”

The beginning of the end in one swoop of a statement-
ten thousand years’ worth of slanderous accusation
slither from the mouth of one man

And you say, there was never a garden,
never two people who began a conversation
that led to the lie that we all have bought

that says, you can be your own god, do your own thing,
and walk in the ways of your own
sinless garden

You can believe there will be a better tomorrow,
that the poor won’t stay poor and the rich won’t grow richer
your symbiotic utopia

But I know the difference between right and wrong.
no matter what he said, this moment is no different
than the bite that brought us all
here now.


Thank you for reading…

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