Blaze Your Own Trail

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I have just returned from a weekend Writers’ Conference here in New England. My mind is still racing and I am heading into a busy week…I am hoping to catch a bit more time to process the wealth of information, beauty and diverse voices  I experienced during this  event. Meantime, as always finding the way back into my own rhythm includes a bit of poetry. Poetry is my pathway to clarity,  focus, vision, and possibility. I  hope to be sharing more about that soon…I promise big news is on the horizon, and I can’t wait to share it with you! One small step for this writer…and for you, my faithful  readers and friends!

Meanwhile,  I pray this simple affirming words breathe freshness into your day. For those of you who follow my Instagram account, this is my response to the Spontaneous Journal Prompt I shared on August 16th. I wrote it this morning, but it is the ruminating question  on my mind as I consider my  current writing life.


Blaze your own trail,

make your own way.


Believe you can and you will,

this thought I must convey.


Don’t look back, except to learn

what’s useful today-

that’s your only concern.


Stop looking around,

start standing your ground.

Stop thinking your lost, if you

suspect you’ve been found!


Do the next thing, you know in your heart

is the thing you must do;

It’s the place you must start.


No more doubting within

what must happen without.

No more whispers, withholding,

instead, SHOUT IT OUT!


Today is a page yet to be shown

with the ink of our pens,

let’s make it our own.


With the ink of my pen,

I will blaze my own trail,

not focused on whether

I succeed or fail.


Instead I will share my one  true voice,

and listen to yours as you make your own choice

I will hear what you share  with the ink of your pen,

together we write, as if on our words life depends.







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