From the Perspective of Dust

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A little backstory on today’s poetic offering. I had a conversation on the phone with my nephew Todd as I prepared dinner last night. He has been through some upheaval, but I am grateful to know the Lord has taken hold of him.

As I spoke with him, I recalled my early days of seeking God, and trying to follow the way of truth. Trying to bumble around this new life I felt within. Trying to figure out the church and church people with all the confusing mixed messages. Trying to understand scripture and what it had to do with me.

Or more specifically, learning about the One who called Himself, in John 14:6  THE Way, THE Truth, and THE Life (emphasis mine). The One who didn’t mince words, leave room for doubt, or room to accept multiple ways. The one who cared not whether what he said would win him favor with the religious elite or the politically inclined. 

Because, well…when YOU are TRUTH…it’s what you do. There is no compromise in divinity. Make no mistake Jesus Christ never compromised. He knew His mission. He knew the messiness of those He would die to redeem. Jesus never compromised, He went ALL IN. He set His face like flint and modeled love in a mind-blowing sacrifice beyond all comprehension. One that many are far too familiar with in limited perception.

This morning as I prayed and sought answers as I do, I felt led to write these words. In light of this week and the days leading up to the day of our our * full Redemption, I pray you are encouraged by my morning  poem.

From the Perspective of Dust


God is greater than any




He is not bound by


finite view.


God is not limited by

human perception,

biblical translation

or translator (s).


God is not limited by denomination

nor political affiliation.

None can contain



God is not limited by

our ability to comprehend,

believe or acknowledge Him.


God is God

and we are



Therefore let us consider

not our limited perception-

but instead


the God who is






The One who was and is and is to come.

The One who claimed Israel as His own-

The God of our Fathers, Abraham, Isaac and Jacob

who gave prophets and priests

and Yeshua haMashiach

The one to whom every knee shall bow,

and every tongue confess-

who has been revealed in the form of a man

to redeem mankind, who remains by the power of His Spirit

who knows His own,

who is coming again,

perhaps today.


To THIS God be ALL glory, honor and praise.



Of course I am dedicating this poem and all links to my nephew, Todd. Asking that God grow him in the grace and knowledge of Truth.

*To read my Redemption story, go here:  I Am Redeemed.

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