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We are inextricably linked,

but you cannot see clearly,

and I am lost


at risk that I might also lose sight

of you…have already.


I feel my light  fading,

is it fading?

I cannot see  the road ahead,

all I touch is crumbling-

all I hoped, a memory.


I’m too tired to fight anymore,

too tired to keep on.


If you sleep, I sleep,

for I have no reason otherwise

to stay awake.


Yet, they-

keep marching on.


The battles play on

in my mind, over and over again


I am a soldier fighting

without back up-

all the dead I can’t comprehend.


Your army is scattered, and many have fallen-

the enemy gloats and I see no hope for victory anymore.


These recent losses have left me bleeding-

wounded I limp a lonely road.


If I could bind your wounds

instead of mine,

assured you were safe and secure-

that there was something good planned

ahead of which I could be sure.


But all I can see is

isolation and desolation


None have been  faithful,  not even one.


Pouring  empty promises from their mouths

into your head,

I ache for your undeserved pain

they pass you by

as if you were already dead.


Not  one of them can see,

the damage they have done,

not even one, not even one.


For all they say they are supposed to be-

none can see,

let alone me…


If you are forsaken,

then I am

How can this be?


There is nothing left to do

but retreat.



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Dawn Paoletta is a life enthusiast who loves to juggle words, chug coffee, and journal excessively. You can find her gathering stones on the beach most mornings. She enjoys hanging out with her hubby, daughter and family pets in Narragansett, RI and shares her passion, poetry and prose @Enthusiastically, Dawn.

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