Gray Day

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It’s gray today…

and it keeps getting grayer.



My heart swells,

I’ve listened


labored in prayer


wept, I have

your mercy my slayer-


as I walk the halls

within chambers

of sin


wondering to myself

where will it end?


My silent pleas

rise into the gray,

my outrage

catches me,

I know not what to say-




I demand justice,

knowing full well,

it will not come.


Not yet,




I’m choking on  pain

of tears from


swallowed back.


My eyes see




and I weep…


for the mother mourning 19 year old son, taken too soon,

What have you done?


for the baby beaten, broken beyond repair- just 4 months old…

Why don’t you care?


for the small dog pummeled,  restrained by love-

What the hell were you even thinking of?


I catch a glimpse of the cruelty

bubbling over, onto the unsuspecting,

defenseless, small.


It never changes, is nothing new-

only gets more graphic as we are able to know it all…

I’m tired of the knowing!

I’m wearied by the endless stories

of injustice, cruelty, hate.


Tired of excuses layered upon layer,

layered over all.


I want justice.

I want justice…

I want justice!


Weeping is our only comfort,

until the restoration of all things-


Until we fly once more

as Eagle’s wings.

I long to fly on those Eagle’s wings.


Don’t look to the politicians,

don’t look to the spiritual  leaders.

Don’t look to your neighbor!


Don’t be deceived into having a hope for your children

apart from the Hope that IS Justice.

The Hope that is a Who,

who never fails, who is merciful,

who is goodness and Everlasting Light.


Who will return again, on darkest night.


All is not lost, Hope will not fail us,

though we will fail…

All is not lost.

Stop pointing your finger

see your hand in the mix,

see your guilt, His power-

the only sure fix.


Seek your freedom first, because chains

cannot bring, the hope of freedom,

for which we all sing.


The hope of freedom only Truth brings.


The hope for gray

the Light only

will bring.

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Dawn Paoletta is a life enthusiast who loves to juggle words, chug coffee, and journal excessively. You can find her gathering stones on the beach most mornings. She enjoys hanging out with her hubby, daughter and family pets in Narragansett, RI and shares her passion, poetry and prose @Enthusiastically, Dawn.

6 thoughts on “Gray Day

  1. A psalm of lament! Thank you for putting words to my inner angst! And how the lament brings hope back into focus….ahhh goodness in the land of the loving.


  2. This could have come from my own heart. Wow. Never could have put it into such beautiful poetry. You have a real gift.


  3. This is a good description of how some of us here in Indiana feel. Two young teen girls were murdered last Monday for no reason. They were buried yesterday. The authorities still search for the perpetrator. The town of Delphi needs your prayers.


  4. yes …. your ‘psalm’ really touches my heart – our pain … the hope of freedom, only Truth brings, the hope for gray, only Light will bring …

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