A Holiday Meditation for All Seasons

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We have so many things to be thankful for each and every day. But, today, as I reflected on the miracles I have witnessed  this year, the prayers answered and God’s goodness I felt led to read 2 Peter 1:3-4. Maybe God knew I needed this reminder, as we head into “The Most Wonderful Time of The Year”. He who created me knows me well, leads me faithfully and fulfills all my longings. Sometimes He does it by allowing words to be offered as a reminder of His indwelling presence,reaffirming the beautiful truths handed down to me…us all.


I pray these words, bless you and offer up encouragement for the approaching “season”. I struggled with the title a bit, and at last it came to me…this was not just a  “Holiday Meditation”, or a prayer for the assault to come from within and without through retailers, marketing media, and our own fleshly desires, but truly a meditation for all seasons.


God bless you this holiday season. Happy Thanksgiving!

May He be your contentment and joy!






be my contentment;


in you I am complete.


Be my portion,

come satisfy

where hope

and my longing meet.


Your light is a guide for me;

my gaze turns wholly towards you-


only you  can satisfy

with all that’s holy and true.


Remind me in the darkness

that I am embraced by your light,

a lamb on your chest,

securely held-

carried through impending night.


I look to you,

but still fear

desires will overtake me.



be my contentment-


in your light and life

I am free-


wholly content and satisfied

by your blood and faithful decree.




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  1. thank you for this uplifting message. I remain so grateful for you, Dawn–for your inspiration and friendship! Happy Thanksgiving!

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