A Better Country

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Has this world been so kind to you that you should leave with regret? There are better things ahead than any we leave behind. C. S. Lewis

This morning I have written two poems. I pray this one causes you to consider the Better Country referred to in The Book of Hebrews.

A reflection on Hebrews 11-13…


There is a better country

of this I have no doubt-


created by a King unseen

whom in humility

did not shout


a slanderous word toward anyone

but only truth

came from his mouth-

against lies, pride, lust and greed

He did speak out.


Born He was to

live and die,

into tumultuous world,


that He himself created,

before chaos was unfurled.


All humanity teeters  on

the brink of depravity,

between two worlds at war,


defying reality.


One goal, to deceive Earth’s own

in what they do believe,


the country they behold

is the only one conceived.


Scripture declares a place

I cannot see, nor from which I can hide-

but within its presence

I assuredly can abide.


All of time does stand still

at the command of One voice

and all will fall silent

with one defining choice-


to enter in the better place,

no mind can comprehend

but for which our peace in time

does utterly depend.


I look to this better place

with quiet longing and sober face,

praying as we tarry here

to gather others without fear

and share the love

that brings us home

from where our  hearts

too often roam,


The  place of rest for which we yearn

beyond the stones, we will return.


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