Crimson Soil






There is a prophet

this way cometh

though none will recognize

for comfort and convenience rule

and truth they so despise


According to their loves they live

thinking it matters not


nothing to the Giver given

this, just the start


Preferring chaos over peace

choosing laws to rule

they claim God is deceased

or token for weak fools


Professing superiority

and knowledge as their own

tossing wisdom to the dogs

souls exchanged for new iPhones


There is a prophet

this way cometh

but most have closed their eyes


blood cries out from earth

to heaven


What is your alibi?


photo credit: Poplar Sunset Y via photopin (license)

Published by enthusiasticallydawn

Dawn Paoletta is a life enthusiast who loves to juggle words, chug coffee, and journal excessively. You can find her gathering stones on the beach most mornings. She enjoys hanging out with her hubby, daughter and family pets in Narragansett, RI and shares her passion, poetry and prose @Enthusiastically, Dawn.

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