Distant Ship


 A friend loves at all times, and a brother is born for a time of adversity. Proverbs 17:17


A poetic offering for the weekend…


Distant Ship


I saw her today,

by the way

your name was mentioned

in passing


occurred to me

what I failed to see


in what turned out to be


a friendship unlike

those lasting.


Flowers in time do bloom,

some friendships

from the start

are doomed.


For friends are born

for adversity,

love for the days of pain –

a smile despite the perversity,

in a world that at times seems insane.


But as a ship with no anchor


No grace you gave for the rift-


misunderstanding in time,

swiftly judged,

You drew your line.


Offended you stood,

by all you thought good,


where is the grace you define?


In the distance

I see your outline

shadowy and sublime,

From the shore I stand,

safe in the land-


I wonder what you will find.


Far at sea you sail on,

while I walk alone

with the sun,

See you no more,

as once before,

not ’til the day is done.





 photo credit: Sunset at the Baltic Sea via photopin (license)


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