If It Were You



Today, I a have poetic offering…it seems like a long time since I have shared a poem here in this space, and so much has happened…this poem came to me this past week. I may rewrite it.

But, here is a first look.

As you know occasionally these come to me as songs, though I do not sing. I actually sang this after I wrote it because it felt like a song to be sung. Honestly, I will stick to reading my work out loud as that is stretching me enough.

I promise I do NOT want to be a singer. Your welcome. I would not do that to you. 😉 It is certainly not my gift but I do not mind singing to my Maker alone. He does not mind the off key, cracked sounds that come from me. But, I will share what has been given.

Thank you for reading. I pray this ministers to you or someone you share it with today!


If It Were You


If it were you who lay dying

this is what I’d say-

Trust God this very  moment,

don’t wait another day.


If it were you who lay dying,

I know the words I’d share-

that Christ has come to bring new life;

eradicate your fear.


If it were you who lay dying

racked with pain and disease,

I’d take your hand in mine

this moment-

drop down to my knees.


I’d ask the Lord to comfort you

with His tender care,

show you how He promises

forever to be near.


As the candle flickers

glowing through the night,

I’ll share with you His faithfulness

and never fading light.


I’ll tell how all is possible,

even escaping the devil’s hand,

and how all things work for the good

of those called

according to His plan.


I’ll wrap around your silence,

hem you in with grace-

knowing that the Savior

longs to look upon your face,

and greet you with His mercy

and heavenly embrace.


If it were you who lay dying,

I’d comfort you with what’s true:


Heaven isn’t for sale,

there’s not a thing you can do…

but receive His precious gift

of life eternal and new.


It might seem  like a long shot,

a far out fairy-tale…


But it’s the same for me

as you…


Love came down to make a way,

what else would love do?




*photo credit: Treasure via photopin (license)

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