Feast or Food Show (7/21)

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Hello Journaling Friends! Today marks the first full week of our journey! I hope you are enjoying the prompts. I am hoping to make a few videos this week but do you have any questions? Are you facing any obstacles? My biggest obstacle is …ME.

What I mean by that is sometimes I make a mountain out of a molehill and I need to remember to take the notebook and pen…and “Just Sit”. Don’t disregard the beauty and simplicity of that pen and paper. Don’t make the journey a mountain!

If you are feeling stuck, try these “UN- sticking techniques:

  • question the prompt
  • sit in a different place to write
  • journal your prompt before bed or first thing in the morning
  • act out the prompt (not always!) – today is food…journal while you enjoy a solo snack or meal
  • write only the part of the prompt whether word or sentence that resonates or is calling, into your journal page to start
  • use the image only as your prompt

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