When The Cat Pukes on Your Planner-Thoughts on Messy Signs From God

    I know what you’re probably thinking to yourself…EW- who would ever write about cat puke on  anything, let alone their planner. Well, friends, welcome to my world. It’s a place that is fun to visit, but if you are queasy, you do not want to live here with me. Quite honestly, I think GodContinue reading “When The Cat Pukes on Your Planner-Thoughts on Messy Signs From God”

The Pen Reclaimed

  It’s National Poetry Month, and I have made some decisions regarding the direction of my writing as reflected in my reclaimed pen. My message to you…fight the good fight, fellow pen-holders. Write as if your life depends on it… For some of us, it is not about recognition, acknowledgment or acceptance. It is forContinue reading “The Pen Reclaimed”

I Want To Fly Away

  It’s National Poetry Month! As a poet (well words sort of tumble out of me and dance around in my head anyway) and a Journal Keeper, I offer you my first poem this month…in honor of all poets great and small. I believe poetry is for the common folks, like me…not just the literaryContinue reading “I Want To Fly Away”