Seated in the Heavenlies (Lent 2016)



Although this may be a poem, it was also straight from my journal this morning. I want to encourage you to make time for your spiritual self to emerge by journaling your heart and prayers on  your own journal pages. I have been feeling dry spiritually the past week…so for me this writing reflects a bit intimacy with God that has been lacking.

I will include it in my Journaling Series- as it a true reflection of my journaling journey. I pray it sparks in you the courage (if you need it) to be raw and real in your spiritual journey, whatever you believe and whatever your heart towards God at this moment.

If these words inspire, encourage or spark a response in you I’d love if  you share your thoughts right here in the comments- but even more importantly, in your own journal- as you so feel led.

As always, thanks for joining me for this journey. Here is this morning’s offering.

Seated in the Heavenlies

I wondered this morning
wandered through my own fears,
through desert, storms and wilderness-
my own long forty years.

Questions swirled in my mind
directed solely to one,
as my feet dangled down
in early morning’s sun.

I’m sorry, Lord
that my failures are so grave;
I wish I was more like you,
steadfast and brave.

But these feet keep tripping me up,
there’s no denying truth.
If it’s OK to ask today,
I’ve some questions for you…

You say (in your word) that you’re always near,
never to leave me-
always here.

But I sense a distance
in my soul,
between thee and me;
I long for your assurance,
a cure for this discrepancy.

Sitting here this morning,
I had the strangest thought
stirring within my spirit
a feeling which I fought.

I know I’m getting clearer
on the life you have for me,
as I sit beside you dangling
my feet from the heavenlies…
but still there is this nagging,
nudging in my heart-
give me just a moment, Lord,
I’m not sure where to start.

I’ve some fears within me,
refusing to subside-
though I’m fine
on the surface,
from you I just can’t hide…
Will you help me overcome?
In you alone only- I can confide.

I want to rid myself of
all that falls short of You,
but perfection is far from close,
Lord- what am I to do?

This gap – it widens daily
I need your strength to carry on.
I ask you not abandon me,
by your grace, I’m holding on.

Lord, I confess I’m fearful,
of what I know and
don’t know, too-
Though seated in the heavenlies,
some days I doubt it’s true.

Lord, you are strong, and I’m so weak,
can you show me what to do?

I’m afraid of being known,
Remaining unknown , as well-
or known and then rejected (like you)
and the reality of hell.

Lord, I want to feel all-powerful,
no offense I hope you’ll take-
the fact is, I know my place
of this make no mistake.

But, if I could swing a little higher
with you,
I could be brave-
and if you’d just increase my faith,
I know all you could save…

You came down from above,
in everlasting love-
The All-Knowing One
True Living God
to show all how you want things done.

The Unknown
became known-
stepped down into time
from heavenly throne.

Revealed himself
in His Only Son,
known and rejected
by the ones,
He chose and longed
to touch.

So, as I sit on this Seat,
remind me of your love complete
and as I swing higher still
seeing over green, rolling hills-
Adjust my gaze once again,
to the One on whom
I need depend.

Open my eyes that I can see
clearly your vision and victory.

You alone are Faithful, Lord,
And I am seated in the Hevenlies-
with thee.


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Dawn Paoletta is a life enthusiast who loves to juggle words, chug coffee, and journal excessively. You can find her gathering stones on the beach most mornings. She enjoys hanging out with her hubby, daughter and family pets in Narragansett, RI and shares her passion, poetry and prose @Enthusiastically, Dawn.

10 thoughts on “Seated in the Heavenlies (Lent 2016)

  1. So wrenchingly beautiful Dawn. Have had the same cry and sometimes just manage to get a little glimpse that He is still close, though it’s like a wispy presence. You captured it perfectly here with your words.
    Btw, your lent sacrifice has become mine because I miss you and feel like a martyr without you in my daily life. So my solution is to pray for you whenever I think of you all through the day. So there!

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    1. Oh my goodness! You have no idea…I honestly hate my life without social media. lol. I miss so many people, but I am committed to go through (have had a few slip ups tip toeing through the minefields…ha!) You have no idea how I need those prayers. We can skype when we can coordinate. I did not give that up. Mercy!

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  2. Dawn:This is meaningful. I have those spiritual dry spells from time to time. Through this season of Lent, I have been reading and/or studying three different devotionals. One has a place for journaling at the end of each days study. I am using some of these journal thoughts on my blog and my column.


  3. Been feeling much the same – and then last weekend brought so much tragedy into our little church family. We are all depending on the strength of our Lord as we lay to rest a dear sweet 17-year-old faithful member of our congregation.


  4. I love the perspective of this poem…I love imagining you sitting on cloud dangling your feet and then I realize I’m sitting on the next cloud over waving at you!


  5. This is truly a mix of so many emotions , and powerful . I’m left with a peaceful and exciting feeling of meeting my father … Can’t wait to get home ! Feeling the love.

    Just beautiful Dawn!!! Love you and miss you!!


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