When I am 51


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I wrote this poem last year as a follow up to a poem to my post on turning 50 and also dovetailing my poetic response to Warning by Jenny Joseph titled: Warning: Remixing the Purple Poem.



When I am 51

I am going to wear

whatever I want.

It might be purple,

or maybe not.


When I’m 51,

I’ll stop wasting time reading

words that don’t nourish

or worrying about past wounds.

Forget feeding on garbage

disguised as wisdom-

news-feeds, mind bleeds

soul pollution

and I will welcome silence

throw out the Boob Tube,

Stare at the walls

study ants

who are really wiser than most

people I know

including me.


I will pick up the phone and say

“Jesus loves you, but I’m not Him,

state your business.”

And wait for the reply…knowing,

they wished they’d gotten the answering machine.

I will radically rejoice

and will show up when and where I want

without regret.

I won’t look back,

or give a second thought

to those who’ve forgotten…

I’ll forget their unkindness,

bathe myself daily in grace-

laugh at the past knowing

truth matters, but so does common sense.


Sometimes there is the greatest wisdom

in shutting the mouth, biting the tongue,

washing the dishes.

Not complaining, grumbling.

Accepting the toilet paper roll

as it is

without argument.


But fools, wag their tongues

without fail.


At 51

I’m done wagging the tongue,

licking the wounds,


At 51, I’ll do what I want.

And quietly trust.




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