Yahweh Sent A Savior



18 But when Yahweh appointed judges for the Israelites, he was with each judge. Yahweh rescued them from their enemies as long as that judge was alive. Yahweh was moved by the groaning of those who were tormented and oppressed. 19 But after each judge died, the people went back to their old ways and acted more corruptly than their parents. They followed, served, and worshiped other gods. They never gave up their evil practices and stubborn ways.

~Judges 2:18-19

Lord, when I am scared
I run from you-
Instead of running to you,
I numb the pain.
It’s insidious
and so easy
to hide,
when you don’t abuse drugs or alcohol,
when people applaud because shiny things
are pleasing to the eyes
and we are distracted by beauty.
Is this desire to possess beautiful things
a desperate attempt to grasp
for the grace and goodness of God, I ask?
Somehow we long to take hold
of His beauty, because we have forgotten
He is beautiful, and to be desired.
We forget we don’t need to grasp…
yet we never really tire of sin-
we hate it, we love it, we lie to ourselves.
Love extends from the heavens-
We push away, we cry out.
Like the tide coming in, tide going out
We loudly proclaim, secretly doubt
It always comes back to Israel
and me. Stones and a tree.
This war within and without,
crying, “Lord, save me, help me, Come near today.”
Then surely as follows the night after day
I turn away…
Go my own way.
As sure as Moon rises,
and Tides ebb and flow,
I cannot escape, there’s nowhere to go…
I’m tossed,
and it all feels so forced.
Time passes,
closes in on me-
I’m desperate,
the cat cornered, longing to flee.
But, grace has shed its light upon me,
inflated my lungs, at last
I can breathe-
Soothes the arched back, with a gentle plea,
Fear not, for it’s
Grace that’s cornered me
removes my hissing, fear, and angst
restores my hope, rescues me.
It’s only grace that’s rescued me.



*Scripture thanks to  Bible Gateway: Names of God Version (NOG) This is the Bible Version I am reading through for my regular reading plan this year.

*Looking for a Bible Reading Plan? Check THESE out. I am following the One Year Reading Plan By Genre and enjoying it immensely!

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