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As one who writes daily, I appreciate journal products that inspire and intrigue me. Since I spend much of my time handling journals, as well as notebooks and planners, discovering finely crafted, wonderful to hold, uniquely hand-designed, one of a kind journals is a passion of mine. I believe creativity fuels creativity. One of the reasons I love buying a hand made item from an inspired individual is because I know that the one who is crafting the item takes pride in their work, and is passionate about their chosen area of expertise. I understand this…I feel the same way about my writing. It’s personal. It’s my passion.  I want my words, dreams, goals, passions, plans and pursuits to be held together by something beautiful, unique…inspired.


This brings me to the exquisite work of Terri Bradley of Speckled Fawns. I had the pleasure of connecting with Terri awhile back through a Planner Group on Facebook. We shared a mutual love OK, let’s be honest- OBSESSION…for planners, notebooks and journals as many do in these great communities of like-minded people. But Terri’s life took a turn and she found that her love for leather and creative passion culminated into one incredible journey! I have been amazed and awed watching this woman beautifully metamorphosis from journal loving, planner pal to Creative Entrepreneurial Artisan Extraordinaire!  Um…say that three times fast, I dare you!


Terri now spends her days in her West Chicago residence creating leather notebook covers, bags and beautiful accessories and is in the process of expanding her growing by (fawn) leaps and bounds business.

One thing I might add for my friends who might be new to some of the terms I’m throwing out today: Traveler’s Notebooks (TN for short!) are simply leather covers which hold multiple notebooks with colored elastic bands. There are many artisans who create beautiful styles based on the original design concept which originates in Japan and goes by the name Midori. The variety and style of craftsmanship is developed over time and is as varied and unique as the person who makes them. Each artisan gains many loyal fans through these designs and styles.

I am grateful and delighted that Terri took the time to answer a few questions for me, and I hope you will enjoy her sharing her journey with us here. I think it is a perfectly inspiring story to start our 2016 and consider, one never knows where a new year might lead!

I hope you will grab a cup of coffee and get comfy on the couch with us as I just throw out some informal questions to this wonderfully inspiring woman!

Stay tuned to the end for a wonderful giveaway!

Welcome, Terri!



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