Isn’t There Anyone Who Knows What Christmas Is All About?




We come to the season that dazzles, sparkles, delights and… distracts. Ultimately, we know the reason for the season. But, how hard to keep the reason for the season central in our hearts? I am a fan of Peanuts. I don’t know many who aren’t. One of the simplest, clearest  presentations of the Gospel, has slipped right into the living rooms of the masses since 1965. I like that fact a lot. The day Linus’ lines are eliminated from public television will be a dark day, indeed.

In the meantime let’s enjoy the freedom we have to hear and share the same good news! Remember, take the prompt and let the prompt take you where it will. You might just be pleasantly surprised! Choose from the many options below, and use what seems good to you!



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