Just for Today (A Poem of Thanksgiving)

photo credit: Thoughtful Walker via photopin (license)
photo credit: Thoughtful Walker via photopin (license)




Today I offer a few words I wrote back in 2011 when I started blogging and sharing my thoughts online. Wherever you are, whatever you are doing, going through…may these words be words that edify, and multiply thanksgivings in your soul.


I am thankful that I am not the star of my own reality show, with cameras following me throughout my house.

I am thankful God has not struck me down for every vow I’ve broken, or let the earth swallow me whole for my grumbling and complaining.

I am thankful for the grace that I have received. That which I don’t deserve. That which I cannot earn or win through bartering.


So, just for today, instead of complaining that the sink is full of dishes, I want to thank you Lord, that I have dirty dishes. Soiled from food, which has been graciously supplied.


Thank you, that I go to bed after a meal satisfied. Instead of a cot or straw mat on a dirt floor, with an empty belly and hunger pains. And I have a pillow for my head. Lord, did you? I’m not sure. But I doubt it. Thank you that there is a roof over my head and many blankets, I know that there are those who may be cold. Under your starry sky or a bridge.


Oh, Lord Forgive me for my lack of gratitude.


Thank you that I have water. Clean, running, wonderfully clear water. I am saddened to know there are many who lack something so basic. Lord, and I can bathe, and drink and splash water. This is a freedom that not all have. Lord forgive my lack of understanding.


Just for today, when I pick up my husband’s dirty clothes from beside the bed instead of a sermon, Lord I want to give praise to You first and thank him for his hard work and commitment to provide for his family, day in and day out. Lord, there are many without jobs. And husbands. Lord,  forgive my failure to grasp what it means to love.


Just for today, instead of dwelling upon those who have treated me unkindly, I want to lift my voice and thank you for the opportunity to learn to love like you, Lord. You were treated unkindly and never returned evil for evil.


Lord, just for today I want to remember that the baby I once rocked, who seems so far away from me- and you, is safely guarded by the One I know has his eye on the sparrow.


Just for today, I want to be thankful and present in the moment, unhindered by my sin, head on your bosom, looking into your eyes and smiling. Peacefully. Trusting completely in you. Without reserve or double-mindedness.


Just for today I want to smile, with no expectation of another, because the reality is, with Jesus, I always have a reason to smile.
Just for today, Jesus, I want to say Thank you.
You are my everything.






*Originally posted on Beneath The Surface: Breath of Faith – November 2011 (my former blog)


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