Daughter Fall (A Poem about Letting Go)


Poetry can be a snapshot of the day, a moment, a memory, a season. It so often captures what I find hard to articulate in essay form, and like paintings leaves room for varied conclusion. I have written this poetic response for my blogging sister and friend Karen, for her Tuesday at Ten prompt. It was perfect because I had already captured the morning in images by the ocean, but this prompt allowed me to approach with words the unspoken emotions pumping through my mom heart today.

I invite you to have a look at the amazing pictures (amazing because RI is a beautifully photographic state, not because I am a great photographer! ) I grabbed and linked for you to enjoy: Narragansett, RI/Fall.

I hope you enjoy the poem and the pictures…

Daughter Fall

(Letting Go)

I held my tongue,

for the ride

with great restraint –

swallowed hard the lecture

I’m sure by now

you know by heart.

As we turned the corner,

late again

stopped outside the

front doors-

quietness kept me,

firm in its gentle grip.

I watched you enter the building

hoody over curls,


refusing the crackers I offered,

nauseous from the drive

and coffee.

You asked me

to drive by the beach

on the way back home.

The gray clouds rolled across the sky

while orange gold and red


licked the trees


a silent knowing.

I want to keep you from all of the pain

of living-

we get out of the car,

walk toward the lapping waves,

I realize the impossibility-

breathing  clean, salt air

brings clarity and I

see your hidden strength


You walk toward the gull


I watch you,

see horizon expanding

beyond you


Sky, water, earth converge

beneath your feet,

a million grains of possibility-

one leaf

reminds me- it’s Fall

and I wonder why

 the season of dying

is alive,

 crackles with beauty…

every day the same


a continual

 letting go.


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13 thoughts on “Daughter Fall (A Poem about Letting Go)

  1. No hand-holding in the letting go – no walking them to the water’s edge – it’s standing back and letting them do it all on their own. Poignant, beautiful the mother-heart of your poem!


  2. Love your poetry, Dawn!! Thanks for sharing with us for Tuesday @ Ten…I may do as you did and post a poem…but it will be an old one; you actually reminded me of one I wrote about my son, called “I Let You Go”…cop-out? I don’t know!

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