We All Fall Down

photo credit: 350/365 - 9/23/2011 via photopin (license)
photo credit: 350/365 – 9/23/2011 via photopin (license)




Spilled coffee on the floor today

the rain is pouring down,

I can’t find which way is up

feel like I might drown

Bad news on the wire,

storm’s heading

toward our town

in my brain burns a fire,

though my feet stand

on firm ground


wishing we could start over

turn back these


in time

Turn the earth full tilt –


can you flip a circle on its side?


I don’t know which way to turn,

can’t see from where I stand

small I am

upon this


and much I have to learn…


Certain of my future,


weeping here in time-

night does bear down on us

even as we walk in

the Light


touching others

with our grace

and love,

embrace many with good news…

in the presence of our enemies,

we walk in tattered shoes


battered, bruised , discouraged-

knowing these days are short,

not pulling any punches,

just sharing the report,


Love won’t leave you stranded,

in the desert,

my sweet friend,

nor alone on the path-


you’re  travelling to the very  end.


I’ve seen sun, on rainy days, and clouds

on grey days too

so lift your eyes to Heaven

to the One who’ll see you through


I’m trusting Him in this trial today,

and praying the same for you.


I cleaned up the coffee spill

rain has stopped pouring

to the ground,

it’s caused me to remember

that we all fall down-


I see the Shepherd

in my mind’s eye

with that one tiny lamb,

draped across strong shoulders,

carried across the land.


In case you forget,

we all fall down.


I see the Shepherd

in my mind’s eye

who took His own strong

final stand

draped sin across His shoulders

Declared victory for all of man-

looked the devil in the eye,

with holy reprimand

so none are left alone to die,

in this dry and  barren land.


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