Have We Forgotten?

photo credit: Emblematic via photopin (license)

photo credit: Emblematic via photopin (license)

Today I watched livestream coverage of the 9/11 Tribute from New York City. My heart aches new each year in light of the historical aftermath of the tragic events that unfolded on this date fourteen years ago. What is in my heart, and on my mind in light of all, is better expressed for me in my default writing mode: poetry.


So today, I offer my words as a tribute for those who have lost loved ones, who still ache daily, and for us all in this Great Country…may these words bring hope, healing, encouragement or a sobering reminder if need be. May these offerings be accepted, and acceptable to you who read them today.

May God continue to bless us, because none of us are worthy, yet we all, with open hands, receive His grace.


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