How Poetry is Born


Happy 4th of July Weekend, friends. The first Friday of each month is Random Journal Day Weekend. This month the link is open through Tuesday night at 11:00 PM since many will be busy with family fun and festivities. Meanwhile I decided to take a look back on just one year ago. This weekend is so full for me as it has a few of my favorite things happening simultaneously. In humility, humor and love we have most obviously, Independence Day; Shark Week and most significantly to me personally (rating slightly above shark week by the skin of the teeth!) our Wedding Anniversary. I can barely focus with all the excitement!

BUT, I am sharing with you a very short snippet from last year’s journal as it gave me a giggle when I reread it and realized it was, the birth of a poem, and not at all unlike my creative process which so often is born in my journal and journaling process… More

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