A Salute To Me (RJD Link #iamredeemed)


“Nothing else matters so much as being free to reach your dream. The obstacles we overcome are so often within ourselves.”

~ from my journal April 1992

This month for Random Journal Day I am sharing from a journal I rarely look back on. As a matter of fact, you might call this journal a turning point journal. This journal reveals a girl about to come to a crossroads. You might say in Twilight Zone manner, I was about to take a turn down a path I had not anticipated, into the… (enter music).

Many of you know that I was involved in the Fitness Industry for many years as a Personal Trainer and Consultant, but rarely do I like to talk about it. Occasionally I will write about it, but more in an abstract way usually making an analogy of some kind. But the fact remains, many of my “beneath the surface” lessons came while pursuing goals in the physical realm. God continues to use the many experiences I had coaching others and attaining my own goals as a way to elaborate and clarify His purpose for my life, even to this day.

Despite the audacity of my blog post title, and entry, I ask you to bare with me (as well as the pun and bikini clad body- long past, no less) as I share with you a piece of my Redemptive story, walk with me now into my journal and possibly The Twilight Zone…


Random Journal Day #51 with Featured Journal Keeper: Deanna Wiseburn



It is the first Friday of the month and you know what that means, friends! It is Random Journal Day in this here neck of the woods. So Journal Keepers, grab your journals and join us. We will be here through Monday about noon. Meander on over and link your post anytime until then!

Each month we feature a different Journal Keeper, and this month is no different. I am very happy to present Author and Blogger Deanna Wiseburn as our special guest this month. I appreciate Deanna’s heart for journaling the hard stuff. Deanna has recognized journal writing as a strong component in managing her health and well-being.  She has also used journaling as a tool to develop her faith and further her writing life. Deanna blogs at The Pure Sacrifice and we have become friends through blogging, and a mutual interest in Mental Health issues which she often writes about at her place. All that to say-


Here she is and here we go!


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