Fear Not The Wolf

photo credit: Growling via photopin (license)
photo credit: Growling via photopin (license)


It’s not the wolf in sheep’s clothing I fear most, they are easily identifiable.

It’s when sheep behave like wolves and can’t see it which scares me, for it is much more insidious.

Fear Not The Wolf

It baffles me

how often we

who claim to be light

can be so insensitive.

We justify our position,

rationalize omission-


yelping wild approval

to each within our own pack

rallying defenses

around perceived


 a common bone to pick.

To what aim?

For the ways of Light

are not the same

as those of darkness.

They come not through

the hands of man

scattering opinions…

but by grace upon grace

and sheep should not

behave like wolves.

But sometimes

 sheep forget

their purpose;

become aimless,


 divide and

scatter their fellow sheep.

Sheep don’t

 run with  wolves,

play wolves’ games,

scatter weaker sheep.

Sheep do not dress in wolves’ clothing.


 are made

 to follow

their Shepherd-

So that weaker sheep

are strengthened and

 learn to trust



Good Shepherd.

I fear not the wolf ,

but the sheep

who have lost their aim.

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