Random Journal Day #48 with Featured Journal Keeper Joy Pedrow



Hello, Journal Keepers! I am tapping away on my keys on this very snowy evening in Rhode Island and looking forward to our monthly gathering of sharing this mutual love for journal keeping. This month I have a very special guest and I am so glad she finally is joining us. Joy is a very enthusiastic (I love that about her, naturally) Journal Keeper who lives life like an open book, sharing her love for the Lord and heart for encouraging women faithfully at her blog Joy Pedrow Ministries. I stumbled upon an article about Journaling Joy had written awhile back and felt an immediate connection with her, the way we do when we find we are standing on common ground with another. Shortly thereafter (you know me and how laid back I am…NOT), I began nagging requesting her to join our RJD community. As one who recently completed college her schedule is pretty tight, but I am glad she squeezed in some time to share with us, as I know she will fit right in here!

Well, let’s get this party started…here’s Joy! (I just love the way that sounds…)


Journaling is a huge part of my everyday life. Journaling is one of my favorite ways to worship God and spend time with him. The simple act of writing down my emotions, thoughts, lessons, and scripture has changed my life.

My journals tell a beautiful story of how God changed my life and continues to work in my heart.

There are countless ways that journalling helps my walk with God. Journaling helps me: focus in prayer, believe that God loves me, teach others, and remember God moments. Today I want to focus on one type of journaling that has helped my walk with God. Scripture Journaling.


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