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What does it mean to me



as I sit comfortably

facing once more

the sting,

of this

current uprising?

Their images burn in my head,

can’t comprehend that they’re dead-

Their fate sealed

by the dark masks

of looming doom

clenched fists, tight on swords,

menacing black


lips smack hate, serving death,

ushering in the end of all

for 21…

and I can’t stop wondering,

as I walk the edges of winter

so many worlds away-

 crying tears I don’t comprehend-







I wonder, your hearts

with brave face,


I envy your courage,

resent the blood-lust and hate

that brought you to the Holy Gate-

were you ready?

Did you wonder the things you’d yet to live?

Your loves left behind,

are weeping, weeping-

and we are weeping…

fearing not the repercussions

but only

if we would be able

to walk that same sandy shore,

to glory.

He who testifies to these things says, “Yes, I am coming quickly.” Amen. Come, Lord Jesus.

Revelation 22:20

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22 thoughts on “21

  1. Dawn: This is so precious. You capture the heart- thoughts of all who believe in Christ and mourn the senseless loss of lives for those 21 courageous Christian men. Thank you for sharing this.


  2. So poignant and so powerful – those 21. I am amazed the heavens the did not cry out at such horrendous murder. But one day, I think they will. Heartbreaking. ❤


  3. Now that’s poetry … it invites us to enter into an experience we have never had and hope never to have. Those of us with a faith like to think that if we had to we would never recant it, but when faced with the reality, what would we do? Hopefully, we’ll never find out.


  4. This was a beautiful heartfelt poem – one that said what I have been feeling, but really captures the anger, fear, and despair I have been feeling.


  5. How sad for those courageous brothers and sisters ~ I pray and grieve with their families as well ~ This is a timely and meaningful post Dawn ~


  6. Indeed – spiritual truths achieved here I think –

    “without your loves…
    … to walk that same sandy shore,

    to glory.” Terrific! With Best Wishes scott


  7. Very nice writing and yet so sad. I also envy their courage…

    “I envy your courage,

    resent the blood-lust and hate

    that brought you to the Holy Gate-

    were you ready?”

    To say so much with a simple question…


  8. And so sad in their heart of hearts in killing those 21 the perpetuators are driven by a lie to make room for Jesus by killing others.. i suppose that’s why GOD doesn’t speak in human language.. as it is too twisted to understand..:)

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  9. This is so thought-provoking. All great questions.

    I love this part, especially:
    “and I can’t stop wondering,
    as I walk the edges of winter”


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