“Do The Work” (RJD Link February 2015)



I may not have the best memory, but if something makes it into my journal, I never forget it! Well, that may be a bit contradictory, but either way…it is my story, and I am sticking to it, friends.

The reason I wanted to share from this “not so old” journal for this month has to do with one particular devotional I received through e-mail in 2010, through Proverbs 31 Ministries. You see the devotional, although I read it in 2010, was one of those that spoke to me so pointedly that I shrunk, cut and pasted it into my journal…and my heart. As a matter of fact, truth be told- I sort of enshrined it- or more specifically, the specific quote which encapsulated and magnified the lesson,  in a frame on my desk. Actually twice…as in two individual frames. Because I am thick-headed and tend to need lots of reminders (ask God). Then I archived my journal as I always do and went on with my life. As I always do. Especially when wandering in the desert.


Random Journal Day #47 with Featured Journal Keeper Jeannie Pallett (Giveaway)



Welcome to Random Journal Day!

Our Featured Journal Keeper this month is  lovely  author, blogger and Scripture Lover Jeannie Pallett.  I have come to know my Canadian blogging counterpart through this wonderful world of Christian Blogging and fellowship over the past few years. I had the honor to read her book, which is a delightful, intimate, satisfying study and reflection on Psalm 119 in relation to intimacy with the Lord. I think I might have to re-read it along with the TWO lucky readers who will win their own copies! Be sure and enter the Rafflecopter below after linking your post (you don’t have to link a post to enter the giveaway, though!).

Jeannie has a beautiful and unique offering for us this month, as she tells her story from the perspective of one observing and of an inner journey that leads all the way back…home. Let’s travel full circle now, with Jeannie and her journaling journey.


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