His, Mine and The Story of Forever

photo credit: B.Riordan. via photopin cc

photo credit: B.Riordan. via photopin cc


dverse poets pub is a place I love to hang out. Tonight Brian Miller is tending the bar…and we are breaking some rules. I am terrible at following forms, but I am trying to join in tonight, thinking I may have not got it right but still loved doing it anyway. I figure if it can be wrong then I might get it right…but what if it’s supposed to be wrong and I actually got it right but that would make it wrong. Ha!

I didn’t really break it…but instead I tried to remake it?

I had decided to try this form…The Cento. And right off the bat I was told I could not use the writer’s words since Cento is like a poetic version of collage using pieces of other authors’ work. However, since I can make or break the rules the way I want…ahem, ala Mr, Miller (our host), then um…well…here is my offering.


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