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Have you ever felt so inspired when looking at someone else’s writing that you felt moved to improve your own? Well, when I think of my dear bloggy, fellow Journal Girl and inRL friend Dawn Maurice, I get crazy excited, because she creates the kind of beautiful writing that makes me long to slow down, take time and savor my moments more…or at least be NEATER in my very, very, messy journals!  There is something soothing and calming about the black hand lettering I have come to adore and am continuously blessed to see.


Journal Keeping Round Up and Continuing the Journey…


“All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given us.”
― J.R.R. Tolkien

Welcome to the Journal Keeping Roundup, held to acknowledge and celebrate the 21 Days of Journaling in January.

Thank you to everyone who attempted to join in and journal your own journey and also to those who felt the journey was worth sharing through social media or their own blogs. I hope that you found the prompts helpful.

I have received such amazingly positive feedback.


Imperfect Prayers to a Perfect God


How often have we felt our prayers inadequate?

How many times have we held back our heart’s cry in a group for fear of being misunderstood?

What is our response to the scriptures that remind us repeatedly to  pray always?

Join me at 5 Minutes for Faith as I share about our Perfect God’s acceptance of our imperfect prayers.

Click HERE to read there…

Planner Love & The Illusion of Control (Planner Boot Camp Post 1)


The first Planner Boot Camp is underway with 96 participants to my awe and amazement. I want to thank all of those who have enrolled for your confidence (silly wabbits) in me and thanks to my friends at APA for the support and love. Use Guys Is My Peoples! I am overwhelmed in the response and had hoped to pilot this adventure back in November/December, but the car accident on October 31 threw a wrench into those plans. So here we are kicking off the first PBC full speed ahead.


If you were unable to enroll in this session, consider yourself lucky…I can work out all the quirks with this first round of guinea pigs and have it all fine tuned before the next round! Consider reading my Planning with Purpose series– it covers a lot of the ground we will cover in Boot Camp! 

Those currently enrolled should receive the first e-mail with your Week 1 PBC requirements tonight (Sunday). God willing.


His, Mine and The Story of Forever

photo credit: B.Riordan. via photopin cc

photo credit: B.Riordan. via photopin cc


dverse poets pub is a place I love to hang out. Tonight Brian Miller is tending the bar…and we are breaking some rules. I am terrible at following forms, but I am trying to join in tonight, thinking I may have not got it right but still loved doing it anyway. I figure if it can be wrong then I might get it right…but what if it’s supposed to be wrong and I actually got it right but that would make it wrong. Ha!

I didn’t really break it…but instead I tried to remake it?

I had decided to try this form…The Cento. And right off the bat I was told I could not use the writer’s words since Cento is like a poetic version of collage using pieces of other authors’ work. However, since I can make or break the rules the way I want…ahem, ala Mr, Miller (our host), then um…well…here is my offering.


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