Random Journal Day #46 with Susie Klein

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Welcome to Random Journal Day! This is the last RJD of 2014…the next time we gather it will be a new year! I so look forward to sharing through 2015 and all that God has for us here as we open our hearts, journals and minds in our journal-keeping fellowship!

This month’s Featured Journal Keeper is none other than our Co-Hostess with the mostess and originator of the original Random Journal Day! Susie and I connected in the first few months of me blogging and she became a trusted mentor, friend and confidante as I maneuvered the then new to me world of Christian Blogging. God uses anything and everything, including this wonderfully wild and wide world online to glorify Himself and weave His good and perfect will in the lives of His children. Well, I could go on, but let’s let our dear Recovering Church Lady share…. More

Dear New Year




Dear New Year,

I know some people call you Happy, but I think that is rather presumptuous. Not that I am against you being happy, I actually think that is not a bad start. But the fact is, it seems to set the stage for some unrealistic expectations, at least from where I’m standing. I wonder if you introduced yourself to me, what you’d prefer to be called? Are you forthcoming in this way? I mean, will you come out and call a spade a spade. How exactly does one address a New Year?


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