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I curl up, catlike




the question comes…

why can’t it always be so?


Happy Thanksgiving and a Special “Planner” Giveaway!



Happy Thanksgiving, Friends to all who celebrate and for those who don’t, I send wishes for a blessed upcoming Holiday season as we say goodbye to 2014. I especially am here today to share with you a special belated Giveaway. What better way for me to say thank YOU for joining me on this journey here the past year. As many of you know I had planned a couple of things that got “bumped” off my To Do list due to the  car accident I was in on October 31. That night did not turn out as I planned at all, and the Giveaway that I planned to share on that Friday as well as the follow-up plans for Planner Boot-camp fell to the bottom of the To Do list…


The Not So Hidden World of Notnarnia

photo credit: jumpinjimmyjava via photopin cc

photo credit: jumpinjimmyjava via photopin cc

So, at dVerse this week, Anthony Desmond served up a prompt for “Poetics” saying “Let’s tap into that childlike creativity for today’s Poetics:
create a fantasy world, and try to stay away from the familiar; be outlandish
in your writing, e.g., trees take root in the clouds and it rains
blackberries and oranges, instead of cats and dogs… corny example, but you get the point.” Not sure I accomplished it but it was a fun write for sure!  Go check out the rest of the post, and links after you read mine- it is a great place to hang out!

Well… my muse showed up this morning and we journeyed together, here is the fruit of that journey. ..


Quietude as Worship (5MFF)

photo credit: MightyBoyBrian via photopin cc

photo credit: MightyBoyBrian via photopin cc

“O LORD, my heart is not lifted up;
my eyes are not raised too high;
I do not occupy myself with things
too great and too marvelous for me.”

~ Psalm 131:1

Here we are, approaching fast the end of another year. The days that spread out from September through December are like scattered stones thrown out numerous, until the crisp air beckons scarves for our necks, and the falling leaves remind us that another year is almost past. The pace of our routines and return to order, after Summer,  make way for new beginnings and sometimes endings. Between the school, sports and activities schedules we find ourselves carried through noisy, boisterous, busy days, and these too are gifts. But, November begs us to give pause; gives us permission to prioritize the precious. Not that we shouldn’t daily, but there are days that press us tight and we forget. Between runny noses, crowded mini-vans, and orchard runs, we fall into beds, blessed but yearning.

Join me for this special invitation to quietness and rest for the upcoming week at 5 Minutes for Faith

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Return of the Prophet

photo credit: emmm_weee via photopin cc

photo credit: emmm_weee via photopin cc


My Lord,

was not a positive thinker

as is popular today.

It rather sickens me when some assume

that Christianity is spelled :



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