Why Some Days Require Pie

photo credit: Deiru via photopin cc

photo credit: Deiru via photopin cc


Aside of your average, run of the mill days that just go down the tubes because of unexpected twists of fate, there are days when you do the plan, but find yourself feeling…well, discouraged because you got sidetracked and for no good reason. It’s one thing when plans are waylaid by circumstances you cannot control and quite another when it is by your own hand, or choice. Days when you get off track, and start to feel frustrated with yourself, will often lead to feeling overwhelmed and discouraged and in need of a scapegoat. Obviously we can’t blame our husbands for everything (grin) so sometimes we mistakenly look to change “something” instead of looking at our own behavior objectively. Before you change those planner pages, buy a new system, living room set, makeover etc. Step back, Take a seat and have some pie! Or at least have a small slice of pie while you try to figure out how to slice up your Life Pie into appropriate portions.


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