On Reading, Lists and Playdates




Finding time to read is important to me. I am not the fastest reader, I tend to languidly go along. reading and re-reading what is significant to me. Some books encourage this, others don’t- but the one I am reading now, by Laura Boggess invites it wholeheartedly. Playdates with God: Having a childlike Faith in a grown-up World is like recess to my elementary school heart. Who wants recess to end, right?

Only,  as we make our way through Middle School’s awkwardness and hurry through the High School years, we discover that life has changed us from free-spirited children to “responsible adults” when we were hardly aware. In a blink we leave behind childish things, and soon find our days full. Full of worries, obligations, workdays and endless lists. Lists of who we need to be, what we need to do and all the stuff that wearies a soul into numbness. But nonetheless. the stuff we believe life requires.


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